Inspectrum - radiation consulting services

Inspectrum company led by Dr.Israel Cohen (Ph.D in Physics) provides radiation consulting services including electromagnetic field measurement, simulation of electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) services and magnetic shielding.  

When you are at home or in your workplace, it is important to know to what extent are you exposed to elctromagnetic fields or radiation. Magnetic fields are generated by electric currents from any electric source. It can be a power line near your house or an electric cabinet behind the wall in your workplace. We specialize in measurement of magnetic field intensity and direction and detection of magnetic field sources. If you are overexposed, we can offer solutions.

Electromagnetic radiation of high frequencies (Radio Frequencies) can be generated by any antenna, by your cell phone, cordless phone, your WiFi and by any form of wireless communication including your baby monitor. We specialize in measurement and detection of radiation sources with very accurate and sophisticated devices and sensors.

When you have a strong electric source (electric cabinet, transformer), it can generate strong magnetic fields nearby. If people are living or working nearby you may want to magnetically isolate the electric source from its surrounding. This can be done using magnetic shielding – installation of special metallic material  surrounding the source and absorbing the magnetic field, this way reducing the magnetic flux intensity on the other side where people are staying.

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